Monday, 22 July 2013

What is gws_rd=cr in Google url

Yesterday I noticed something unusual in my chrome browser, was getting redirected to

Mozilla Firefox

Internet explorer


Very first impression was something wrong with my browser or system, I thought it might got infected with some kind of virus. I tried opening same in the internet explorer and in Mozilla but the result was same.

Looking deeper over web, I found out meaning of this. No official word from google though but still below is explanation

gws = Google web server
rd = redirected
cr = country

so if I put in more simple words then it means is getting redirected to and country local url from the country you are trying to access

I was happy to find that my browser/ system were safe.

But I had another question in my mind, what if I type directly in the browser, it did not redirected to gws_rd=cr, So it is quite confirmed that , google is redirecting it country specific url.