Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Installing Windows on VirtualBox Step by Step

We will be covering installation of Oracle VM VirtualBox step by step.

1) Visit download section of VirtualBox or direct download here.

2) Install the product , it will ask for the reset network adapters which is "OK".

3) Once installed below screen shot will appear. Click on new.

4) Provide a suitable name to VM Machine, type and Version.

6) Allocate the memory. Avoid giving too little or very high memory size.

 7) Choose second option "create the Hard Drive now" and click create.

8)  Choose VDI and Click Next.

9)  Provide the folder path by clicking on folder icon.

10) New VM is created click on start.

11) Provide the Path by clicking on the folder icon shown with the arrow.

12)   Press Enter

13) Press Enter again

14) Press F8 to select "I agree" option.

15) Press Enter to install.

16) Choose the NTFS File format

17) Setup for Windows will start installing.

18) Just keeping pressing the next.

19) Provide name and Organization for windows and Press next.

20)  Choose "Typical setting" and Press next.

You are all Done.

If you have any query, suggestions or comments please feel free to leave in comment section below. Will be glad to help you.